Ding Wang

architect / visual & sound designer / creative coder

An inquisitive designer wandering across architecture, installation and new media art. A humble perfectionist and an inspirational cooperator.

I am interested in the monumentality and interactivity of architecture, and try to discover an installation-based methodology of architectural design. In the master courses, my researches are focused on interactive spaces and soundscape design, through which I get to explore the temporal dimension of our built enviroment and how humans perceive the ambience by their senses. In my perspective, interdisciplinary views are important for designers to recognize the different traits of a space.

In the process of interdisciplinary study, I acquired a wide range of skills in 3D modelling, graphical processing, audio editting and programming. Among these, I take programming as a core tool to logicalize the design and probe the potential beyond huamn brain. The poetries of modernity will be composed through the novel techniques in this new era.


University College London
London, UK
- Design for Performance and Interaction [ MArch ]
Sep 2020 ~ Dec 2021
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Wuhan, China
- Architectural Design [ BA ]
Sep 2015 ~ June 2020


3D Software
Rhino, Cinema4D, Revit, Unity, Sketchup, Vray, Lumion, Enscape
2D Software
Adobe Suits[Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere], AutoCAD
Audio Editting
Ableton, FL Studio, Max/MSP, Adobe Audition, Audacity
TouchDesigner, Grasshopper, JavaScript, C++, Python, Processing, HTML & CSS


Student Union of HUST
Minister, Publicity Department, Apr 2017 ~ May 2018
Student Union of Architecture & Urban Planning School
Member, Technology Department, Sep 2016 ~ Sep 2017
Student Association
Member, Guitar Club / Poem Club / Photography Club
Exchange Study to NTUST in Taiwan
Urban Planning & Architecture Design, Feb 2018 ~ Jul 2018
UPM Workshop in Madrid
Rediscovery of Neighbourhood, Jul 2017.7 ~ Aug 2017
GSD Workshop in Wuhan
Urban Design of the Boston Harbour Area, Dec 2018 ~ Jan 2019
Voluntary Support Education in Sandian
Origami & Football, Dec 2017


Eleven's Shelter 48 Competition
First Prize, Rubble Bubble, 2018
New Architecture Talents Award
Second Prize, WEBCASTle, 2019
Excellent Student Leader of HUST
Student Union of HUST, 2017
+44 07529150715